Long Shadow Farm - Byron

Opening May 21, 2022 for 

U-Pick Cherries!!

Long Shadow Farm

 2001 Camino Diablo Rd  Byron, CA 94514

We will open May 20, 2022  Friday - Sunday  

Also opening Memorial weekend May 26 - 30

Featuring the dark red, sweet, and delicious Lapin cherries.

Open from 8:00am to 4:00pm

No appointment required

We will have fresh Olive Oil available

Cherry Tree
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U-Pick Cherries

Back again this year for U-PICK CHERRIES!

We are excited to announce that we will offer U-Pick cherries this year. Cherry UPICK harvest will open Friday, May 21, 2022

Delicious Lapin Cherries!

We'll be open from 8:00am to 4:00pm 

** Please be very cautious entering and exiting our driveway off of Camino Diablo.  VERY DANGEROUS. The road is blind to on coming traffic.



U-Pick Rules

  • We will provide bags for picking

    • No buckets will be provided

  • No food or picnicking in the orchard

  • Cash or credit cards accepted. exact change greatly appreciated!

  • No climbing or damaging trees

  • We have ladders available, be very careful as falls are common. Place the ladder tripod wide apart and then against the tree. Have a family member assist you holding the ladder.

  • Check for ripeness before picking

    • You must buy what you pick

  • No Littering Please

  • Have FUN!


Long Shadow Farm

The Long Shadow Farm is a 170 acre irrigated ranch in Byron California. Purchased by Jim and Tori Lawrence in 2013, this is the closest irrigated ranch to the East Bay and is endowed with deep, well drained clay soil capable of growing a variety of crops. Water comes from the California Delta by canal.


The Brentwood/Byron farming area is a small, charming neighborhood growing a large variety of fruits, vegetables, tree crops, and grapes. Brentwood sweet corn is sought after by people all over California, the Brentwood micro climate produces some of the sweetest corn in California. The U-Pick cherry crop is famous and Bay Area residents arrive in Brentwood by the thousands each May to pick these delicious cherries.

What makes this area unique is how farm land is preserved within a suburban environment, surrounded by people and houses yet commercially very productive.

On a typical year Long Shadow Farm grows walnuts, cherries, sweet corn, hay and tomatoes.

U-Pick Cherries will be available in late May.  We also offer Oat Hay and walnuts for sale. 


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2001 Camino Diablo, Byron, CA  94514


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